Application sources

The various Cyloop commands

cylcree.c Creating a new cyloop file.
cyldump.c Viewing cyloop file contents.
cylincr.c Increment the counter variable of a cyloop file.
cyladdval.c Storing a new value in the variable of a cyloop file.
cylgraph.c Generating a graph from a cyloop file.

Cast of characters in memory

table_iso8859-1.c Graphic character set iso-8859-1.

Function libraries

dialogue.c dialogue.h Dialogue with the user to create a cyloop file.
majcycle.c majcycle.h Change cycle in a cyloop file.
gentexte.c gentexte.h Inserting text into the graphic generated by cylgraph.
messages.c messages.h Functions for a multilingual user interface using a data file for each language.

Other include files

types.h Constants and data types used in the cyloop files.
limites.h Numerical limit for simple data types used in the cyloop files.
bmp.h Structure of the header of a BMP file.
image.h Definitions of constants and global variables for generating a graph.

Data files

Multilingual user interface

mess-cyloop-en Text messages in english sent to users.

Typefaces ISO 8859 or equivalent

iso8859-1 File for example: the basic character set already included in table_iso8859-1.c

Variations of the character set ISO 8859-1

iso8859-2 iso8859-3 iso8859-4 iso8859-5
iso8859-6 iso8859-7 iso8859-8 iso8859-9
iso8859-10 iso8859-11 iso8859-13 iso8859-14
iso8859-15 iso8859-16 windows-1252

Typefaces UTF-8

UTF-8 characters included in the charset ISO 8859-1

Sample files, they are not necessary for the proper functioning of the command cylgraph cylgraph

utf8-c0 utf8-c1 utf8-c2 utf8-c3

Other UTF-8 encoded on 2 bytes


utf8-c4 utf8-c5 utf8-c6 utf8-c7
utf8-c8 utf8-c9 utf8-ca utf8-cb
utf8-cc utf8-cd utf8-ce utf8-cf
utf8-d0 utf8-d1 utf8-d2 utf8-d3
utf8-d4 utf8-d5 utf8-d6 utf8-d7
utf8-d8 utf8-d9 utf8-da utf8-db
utf8-dc utf8-dd utf8-de utf8-df

UTF-8 encoded on 3 bytes (subset)


utf8-e0 utf8-e1 utf8-e2 utf8-e3
utf8-e4 utf8-e5 utf8-e6 utf8-e7
utf8-e8 utf8-e9 utf8-ea utf8-eb
utf8-ec utf8-ed utf8-ee utf8-ef