This website describes and provides source files of a serie of applications having the name Cyloop (short for Cyclic loop tools) developed by Bernard Chardonneau (France).

In what follows, we understand by "source files" the main source files (suffix .c) and the associated include files (suffix .h)
We understand by "data files" files distributed in several languages containing messages generated by different applications and files containing the graphic cast of many characters.

You are allowed to :

... but also :

However, if modified or translated files, use rights should be reproduced without change.
The mention of person(s) who conducted the modification or the translation may be added after indicating the author of the original file.

The rights specified above and notably in the preceding paragraph (green) result :

You can also translate into new languages or suggest improvements to the translations made by the author of Cyloop for :

However, it is advisable to contact the author beforehand to avoid working on the wrong files.

Moreover, it is the French version of the use rights that will be considered valid in case of differences found in some translated versions.

To encourage the study and development of free software, rather than the mere use of products ready for use, it is recommended to distribute the source files of this series of applications (makefile included), and not only executable files resulting from their compilation.

However, if this set of applications should be integrated into GNU/Linux distributions ready for use after installation, copy of the precompiled executables for these applications is acceptable if the source files are also copied during installation in a directly readable way (ie uncompressed) in a directory easy to find by the end user.
The copy source can be avoided only if the user makes this choice during installation.